About Us

The Democratic Women of DuPage County (DWDC) is recognized by the Democratic Party of Illinois and was founded to create a forum for Democratic Women to work together to promote the ideals of the Democratic Party and to foster the participation of women in all levels of the Democratic Party. Membership is open to all who share these goals.

Contact us at dwofdc@gmail.com

Elected Officers

President: Kaleshia "Kay" Page

President-Elect: Chris Hotchkin

Vice President: Karina Villa

Treasurer: Joanna Williams

Recording Secretary: Cynthia Borbas

Corresponding Secretary: Dianne McGuire

The Standing Committees

Bylaws:  Proposes Bylaws changes.

Campaign/Liaison: Coordinates volunteers to work in campaigns of candidates who support the purposes of DWDC and issues endorsed by the Democratic Party.  Act as liaison for DWDC with various Democratic Party organizations.

Finance/Fundraising Committee: Prepares an annual budget for the organization, has general supervision of all expenditures, and assists the organization in developing a sound financial policy. Organizes fundraising projects.

Legislation: Studies local, county and state legislative needs in order to make recommendations to the organization.


Program: Plan and implement a well-coordinated annual program based on DWDC objectives.

Public Relations:​ Direct press, radio, and television services and encourage wider use of these and emerging media, such as the Internet.

Young Democratic Woman: Encourages recruitment of young people into membership and organizes appropriate activities and awards.


Union Liaison: Act as liaison for DWDC with the unions in DuPage County.

© 2018 Democratic Women of DuPage County, PO Box 483, Hinsdale, IL 60521.

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