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The Democratic Women of DuPage County is proud to announce a new fundraising initiative known as 22-4-22!  Barb O’Meara, recently elected DuPage County Forest Preserve Commissioner, District 5, and Dianne McGuire, President-elect of the DWDC, are spearheading an ambitious fundraiser to support the Democratic women who will be on the ballot in 2022 for various DuPage County offices:  County Board, the Forest Preserve, County-wide offices and possibly 18th Judicial Circuit Court judge candidates.

Currently, we have 16 elected Democratic women in these offices, 13 of whom will be on the ballot in 2022.  DWDC wants to be able to provide $1,000 checks to each of them a year from now, assuming that they will be running again, as well as to those Democratic women who come forward to challenge the remaining 14 county offices currently held by Republicans, which may well take us to the number 22! One thing to keep in mind is that, nationally, women hold less than 25% of all elective offices; we are somewhat better than that in DuPage County, holding about 34% of the various county offices.  However, with women comprising 51% of the population, we have still not achieved equity in representation and, when women run, women win!

Democratic women office holders strongly support fair wages, access to healthcare, affordable childcare, voter rights, criminal justice reform, full funding for public education, sustainable energy solutions, and an economy that works for all! We hope you agree that electing women to office helps our families, our communities and provides for a brighter future for Illinois!

We began this campaign with an initial outreach to our historically most generous contributors and received over $4,000 in donations that got us started.  Every dollar raised will be spent on Democratic women running for various DuPage County offices!  It would be awesome if each of you could help us reach our goal with a $100 donation or whatever you may think is appropriate.  Thank you, in advance, for considering this request! 

Checks may be made out to DWDC and mailed to: DWDC, PO Box 483, Hinsdale, IL 60521

The ActBlue link is as follows:

Dianne McGuire, President-elect, DWDC

Barb O’Meara, DWDC Leadership Team, Fundraising


To unite Democratic women, promote the Democratic Party, and encourage and assist Democratic women candidates in DuPage County.

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